Things From January

I welcomed in the New Year with a cup of tea and my sofa, followed by scrambled egg by the sea for breakfast. If I'm honest, January has seen an increase in the amount of tea I've been drinking. I blame the cold and the fact I've been at home most of the month.

Job Hunting & Getting Organised As I left my internship before Christmas, January meant I had to get my job hunting head on. I bought a new 2015 diary, and more calendars than a girl with very few plans needs. I've spent countless hours browsing job sites, and also had a few interviews. No good news yet, but I'm definitely getting a little more confident at interviewing. 

Mr Selfridge A Saturday evening with nothing to do led to me finally sitting down to watch Mr Selfridge on Netflix. One episode turned into 5 and before I knew it I'd finished off the first two seasons. Lucky for me it's just started again on ITV, so I didn't have to wait long to be reunited with Harry Gordon Selfridge and friends. 

Broadchurch For the girl who hardly ever watches TV, I'm surprised to be adding another one to this roundup, but I mean BROADCHURCH. Another show I was late to the party with - I didn't watch the first series until mid last year- but I've made sure I'm ready this time. I'll say no more as everyone hates a spoiler, but if you haven't seen it, do it now!

Brighton At the beginning of the month Pete and I headed to Brighton for a couple of days because, to be perfectly honest, I really needed to get out the house and do something. It's still only the third time I've visited, but I absolutely love it there so definitely need to go more. Also pancakes were involved, so we were onto a winner anyway.

The one tiny upside to being out of work is that it has left me more time to work on my blog. I'm trying to get a couple of posts up a week, and actually planning out posts in advance. Let's see how long I can keep this up for shall we. Bets are open.