It's Ok

Recently I've felt very stuck. Stuck in a cycle of get up, make coffee, nap, eat, sleep and repeat (not quite as catchy 'eat, sleep, rave, repeat', I admit). I've not been happy but, bar spending every free moment job hunting, I didn't know what to do about it.

I felt, for lack of better word, useless. 

And then, whilst having a slightly mopey emotional evening, I watched a video. I listened to Megan and Laura discuss why it's ok to feel a little lost. Of course, everything they said, deep down I already knew was true. Sometimes it just takes a little reassurance from someone else to realise it's not just you.

It's been two years since I dropped out of university, and I'm still only just getting somewhere in regards to some sort of direction. Yet over the weekend, I found myself reassuring a friend who was a little down. Having recently graduated from uni, she was feeling lost and upset. Suddenly words of comfort and help starting pouring out of my mouth. Because, at twenty-one especially, you don't need to have it all sorted, you've got your whole life ahead of you and can do anything. Thankfully I refrained from spouting about worlds and oysters, but we get the drift.

I've had two years of people who care about me telling me how 'it's ok not to be ok', yet it took me giving the same speech to someone else, to realise just how true that is. As I was talking, I realised I wasn't saying these things just to make a friend feel better, I was saying them because I so strongly believed in the message. 

I also urge anyone who is feeling a little lost, to go and watch Megan and Laura's video here. You might just feel a little better, I know I did.