Things from September

There's something I love about September. Even at twenty-one and two years out of education, that 'back to school' feeling is one of my favourites. Although it could just be an excuse to buy copious amounts of stationery?

I'll be honest and say I wasn't at my best for a lot of the month. My work/life balance was getting me down, and I'd let the tiniest of things get to me. Also spiders. Spiders ruined my month. 

To compensate for my bad moods, I may have done a little (or a lot) of online shopping. So, whist I may have entered the month with a few problems, I'm definitely ending it with some nice things.

The past month or so I've slowly been sorting out my bedroom, and have been trying to get some prints to frame. The other week I placed ordered some pretty postcards from The Calm Gallery which are perfect for framing. My favourite is definitely 'Best Day Everrrrrrr!', but that may be because of my undying love for Tangled. 

In other Disney related news, last week I finally got round to booking Disneyland Paris for my birthday next year. Excited is an understatement, I cannot wait to spend my 22nd birthday in my most  favourite place.

I'm really hoping that October turns out to be a good month. I've got everything crossed.