Everything Happens

I have a lot of thoughts, and if I can't discuss them here on my blog, then where can I? This is definitely a bit of a ramble, but also maybe something to think about.

I can't say the past month or so had been fantastic. It's not been all bad, but it's not been great either. Upon receiving various pieces of not so great news, the kind words that friends and family shared were all along the lines of "Well, everything happens for a reason."

Yet I can't get on board with that. Sometimes bad things happen and we just have to deal with them the best we can. They didn't happen because something better was going to come along, or to allow something good to happen, they just happened. It's only afterwards, based on said things, that we can then make decisions and move forward.   

I know that the sentiment behind the somewhat overused phrase is good. It's great in fact. It's reassuring you that it doesn't matter if something doesn't go how you may have liked, because it just wasn't meant to. Which is fine. It's lovely. But to me it implies waiting. It implies sitting around doing nothing, waiting for said 'reason'

Isn't it better if we chose to take charge of things? Assume, in some cases, responsibility. Something might happen, then because of that I decide to do something else. Not because of the elusive 'reason', but because I wanted to.

And sometimes, sometimes things just happen. Sometimes things happen and it is perfectly ok to do nothing. 

Everything happens.

Now what are you going to do about it?