A few months back I wrote about appreciating the little things in life. Events from the past few days have made me realise just how important that post was. 

I'm not usually one for big displays of emotion of sentimentality. Where possible I try to put on a brave face, make some kind of joke, and carry on the best I can. Sadly on Tuesday, mid-way through a not so fantastic shift at work, I received the news that we'd lost a fantastic colleague, and more importantly, friend.

A whirlwind of emotions later, and what felt like hours but in reality was only a matter of minutes, the bad shift at work and grumpy mood that I was in seemed so trivial. 

I've always been a big believer that you shouldn't devalue emotions. If someone is upset because their day hasn't been going to plan, telling them that there a people worse off than them won't make their day any better. And, whilst I still stand by this, the past couple of days really has put things into perspective. 

I'd like to try and start appreciating everything from now on. I've learnt a few times over now that life is short. It's too short to stay doing things that make you un-happy.

I'm no adventurer. You certainly won't find me climbing mountains or deep-sea diving, but I'm going to start really appreciating my cups of tea and netflix in bed, or the time I read a wonderful book. 

Long story short, tell people how you feel and do the things that make you enjoy life. Every day.