Face Things - Lush & Jurlique

I'm usually a creature of habit when it comes to skincare, sticking to what I know through fear of causing a terrible breakout. However, in the past couple of months there have been two new additions to my bathroom shelf.

First up is Jurlique Soothing Foaming Cleanser. I heard about this via the skincare queen that is Kate, and thought it sounded right up my street. I tend to use this as my morning cleanser as it's not too heavy and leaves my skin feeling super soft. I've really been enjoying it, and I've even got into the habit of remembering to cleaner every morning. My only qualm - I love that word - is that the pump keeps getting stuck. I've managed to almost break it at least three times now, but maybe I just have a dodgy one.

The send new addition is Lush's Tea Tree Water. I'd been umming and ahhing over toners for a while, and just wasn't sure if I needed one in my routine. I had read a few good reviews of the Tea Tree Water, so I picked this up on one of my trips to Lush. 

I can't say that it has made a massive difference to my skin as of yet, but it certainly is fresh and feels so nice when applied. I'll spritz a little on after cleansing in the morning, and use again in the evening, sometimes with a cotton pad. I have blemish prone skin and I like to think that it's doing it some good, plus it smells to refreshing.

I'm thinking maybe I need to switch up my skin care little more often as I don't want to be missing out on any other gems.