Today's post is something a little different to what I'd usually talk about. In fact it's something that, a few years back, I would never have spoken about so publicly. Maybe it's the Christmas spirit and one to many viewings of Love Actually, but I think I'm about to get soppy.  

Back when I was still in school, tweleve-year-old me spent a lot of time on the internet, messing around with Paint Shop Pro (hadn't quite discovered Photoshop) and HTML. At some point a long the way I joined a few message boards, and suddenly was introduced to a whole community of girls from all over the world.

That was 8 years ago. In that time I've finished school, started university, dropped out of university and started new jobs. I've gained friends and I've lost friends, but one thing that has stayed constant is this fantastic group of people. I'm so lucky that I met these amazing girls back when I did, and even luckier that we're all still in contact. I might not chat to to them every day, but it's so nice knowing that if ever I need to talk to someone, there'll be someone there to offer advice, or just listen to me vent. I've been lucky enough to meet a few of them in person, I'm looking at you Philippa, Shabna, Joyce. 

I used to differentiate between the people I knew online and the people I knew IRL, but I've had these girls in my life for longer than most of the friends I've made though work and school. They are part of my 'in real life'.

We've watched each other grow up, start relationships, move countries and accomplish wonderful things, and I'm so grateful to have known every one of them.