My Life: The A-Z

Whilst having a browse in Waterstones the other day - there's nothing like a good book to get you out the post-Christmas slump - I came across a book. My Life: An Autobiographical Journal from Adventures to Zealous Plots. It's basically another one of those journal books, offering prompts to make lists/get writing/document your life. Now when it comes to those journal books, I just can't resist. I've almost completed my first year of One Line a Day and love filling out my Listography book so, obviously, I had to have this one too. 

It's an A-Z, offering various prompts such as A 'Advice to my 70-year-old self' and E 'Escape Plans', with one or two pages for each. The problem is, I'm not sure one page is enough for some of these.  So, because 1) I'm too lazy to think up my own content and 2) I'll probably want to ramble on a little more than the space allows, I'm going to be turning this into a mini blog series of sorts. As of January I'll be posting one A-Z of my life a week. Starting with the first page 'Advice to my ten-year-old self'.

See you in January.