I'm currently tucked up in bed, cup of tea in hand, whilst I type, My favourite place to be. I've now come to the end of a very tiring, but also very exciting week. It's actually strange to think that only a week ago I was sat in the exact same spot, consumed with nerves about my first day.

It seems silly now. But, whilst I'm really looking forward to starting my second week, I'm getting incredibly sad at the prospect of heading back to London again. Yesterday I read Louise's post I Hate New Places and I could relate only too well. 

I'm not good with change. I like familiarity and for things to be constant. It's not a trait I'm proud of, I'd love to be able to dive into new things without being phased. But I just can't seem to. 

I know how lucky I am to have started a wonderful new internship where I can learn so much. I'm lucky to have family kind enough to let me stay with them so I can be close to work, and I appreciate all of that. Yet knowing that at the end of each working day I don't get to return home makes me really sad.

I'm sure within time my new surroundings will start to become more familiar. I really hope so, because in the space of a week I've turned into one of those people who count down the days until the weekend. Not because I don't love working, but just so I can get on that train at the end of the week and go back to my home. I miss it.