Things from October

At the end of my September post, I wished that good things would happen in October. Well apparently wishing works, because October has been fantastic.


At the beginning of the month I headed up to London for an interview, and five days later I had been offered the job. Everything since then has been a bit of a whirlwind. I hand in my notice at work, signed new contracts and had to sort out the specifics of my move to London. For the time being I'll be staying with my grandparents, which works out as a 40 minute commute into work. 

Luckily I had a week off work beforehand which, although I planned on doing a lot of relaxing, turned out to be very busy. I've done practice journeys, doctors appointments, hair cuts, multiple leaving drinks and lots of planning. I've spent far too much money on clothes - all in the name of work of course - and far too much time in my pyjamas. 

I've now had my last shift making coffee and, despite complaining about it relentlessly for the past three years, I might miss it a tiny bit. If anything, I met some of my best friends through that job, so I owe it something. 

In three days time I'll be starting a new adventure. I'll miss you October, you were great. Now here's to November.