Another Christmas Over - Super Lovely Gifts

Towards the end of Christmas day, usually around 6 or 7pm, I start to get very sad. The run up to Christmas is probably my favourite time of year, with Christmas Eve being my favourite day of the year. Once it all comes to an end, I get a bit emotional. I did however, have a lovely Christmas this year, complete with an abundance of Disney films and a lot of food. 

For some reason, I've always been under the impression that people didn't enjoy reading 'What I got for Christmas' posts. Clearly I was wrong as, one on twitter, so many of you have been really enjoying have a nose at fellow blogger's gifts. So not to feel let out, I've complied a small post featuring a few of my favourite gifts this year.
Some lovely books & notebooks, including a very pretty edition of The Secret Garden. I can't wait to start writing in my 5 year memory book!
My old favourites, Liz Earle & Laura Mercier, plus some new Hourglass & Nars to try out and a few Benefit bits (not pictured). I'd asked my mum for the Liz Earle moisturiser for Christmas, then proceeded to spend the whole of December making my current one last the entire month. It was tough, but we managed.
Hamish (the big bear) actually came back from Disneyland with me in September. Now I have Harris and Hubert to keep him company too. Plus my very own (and very festive) Pascal!

Because I'm lazy, and my gifts are spread between both my Mum's and Dad's houses, I didn't photograph everything. I also received a beautiful pair of boots (already instagrammed), The Great Gatsby & Sleeping Beauty DVDS, a super bumper pack of Sharipes and a new iPad case amongst lots of lovely other things. My step-dad is also paying for a trip back to Barcelona or possibly Amsterdam for my mum and I. 

I always feel so lucky at Christmas, my parents are so good to me and I love that as I'm working full time I can afford to buy them a little more in return. I love buying other people presents, and it's always a relief when they look pleased to receive them.