This Week's Loves #11

This week is actually a combination of the past two weeks as lazy me decided not to post last Sunday. 

The 9 year old inside me went into overdrive when this was announced. I never did quite get over the demise of Busted, so combined with McFly is set to make this a fantastic tour. 2014 is set to a pretty good year music-wise for me actually. I'll be seeing Bastille in March, McBusted in April and Arctic Monkeys et al in May. All this for the girl who supposedly doesn't particularly enjoy gigs. I'm a little proud of myself.

Winter Candles
I know it's very 'un-blogger' of me, but I've never been a massive fan of candles. However, my mum picked me up this festive scent last weekend and I can't seem to get enough of it. It's the perfect Christmas candle, so maybe this will slowly win me round? Fun fact for you all, I hate hate hate lighting candles. I find it impossible to use lighters and end up getting my mum to light said candles for me (hence the photoshopped flame). God forbid I ever move out.

This week also consisted of lots of early starts, including one for a fleeting trip to Bristol. I spent what felt like a lifetime on trains and managed to read the whole of Billy & Me. I'm all for a nice romance novel, and this ticked all the boxes. Definitely check it out of your after some light, but heart-warming reading.

Blog Love
I've been so behind on my blog reading this week. I'd love some new ones to follow though so please let me know you're favourites, I feel like I don't follow enough style blogs of late.