This Week's Loves #10

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 So this all looks a bit 'instagram update' no? It may not feel like it after being back at work all weekend, but I actually had last week off work. I started it all off by having a very relaxing weekend. I then headed off to London on the Monday, stayed in a fancy apartment and then proceeded to spend the evening watching New Girl, Made in Chelsea and 90210. Don't say I don't know how to have a good time.

London included some very yummy pancakes at Bill's, a good hour long browse around Selfridges, and being accosted by a sales girl in SpaceNK (safe to say I didn't actually leave with anything after that).

Towards the end of the week Pete (who, what, he never gets a mention on here?!) and I went to Marwell Zoo. I made friends with a penguin and it was an all round good day.

Blog Love
The past week I spent many a morning lazing in bed with a cup of tea and a lot of youtube videos to catch up on. So, I thought it'd be nice to mention a few of my favourites from the week.

I stumbled across someone I'd not seen before this week, Ruth's 10 best feelings video really cheered me up. I know I only mentioned Hannah's blog the other week, but you have to check out her Draw My Life video, it bought a tear to my eye. The out-takes video is pretty great too.

Finally, I've love Alix's videos and I love a good monthly favourites video. If you do too, check out her October Favourites video.

I'd also like to leave you with the John Lewis christmas advert, because if you've not seen it yet, why not?