This Week's Loves #4

I feel so all over the place this week. Similarly to last week, I've been feeling very grumpy and definitely ready for some more time off work.

It's definitely no secret by now that I'm off to Disneyland next week. I've been watching one film a night until we leave, and engaging anyone that will listen in thrilling conversation about favourite films and characters. For those who are obviously interested, so far I've watched Cinderella, Lion King and Tangled. I think tonight shall be The Aristocats, or possibly The Emperor's New Groove.

Blog Love
Wonderful You
Megan is possibly one of the nicest bloggers I've come across. Her blog is the perfect mix of outfits and beauty. Plus, if you're into youtube, you should definitely check out her videos over there.

Little Red
Another blog with a great mix of fashion, beauty and life. Not only are her posts great, I get some serious hair envy from Lauren.