Call off the search for your soul, or put it on hold again.

Dress - ASOS
Boots - H&M
Jumper - Primark

It's official. I have a new favourite dress! I bought this beauty on one of my weekly ASOS splurges (these are become far too frequent of late) and fell in love.

 I've toyed with pinafore dresses in the past but never found one that I really really like until now. I love the patterned pocket at the front, plus it's a really good length. I've received quite a few compliments from friends too, which is never a bad thing.  I've worn it a lot since it arrived and teamed it with jumpers, t-shirts, jackets, heels, flat shoes.. The list goes on. 

I didn't actually notice how creased it was until I uploaded these pictures, so I'm going to get myself to an iron stat!