This Week's Loves #3

This week's post is a little late. I was convinced Friday was Thursday, resulting in me forgetting to write it then. It's also been a little tricky to write this week's post. I've been a but grumpy and disenchanted with life this week, meaning I've not really been loving an awful lot.

Smock Dresses
It's no secret that I'm a smock dress fan. I'm not even entirely sure they look good on me, but the comfiness outweighs this factor every time. I bought a new one from Ever Ours and it's perfect. It was a little on the large side, so I had to take it up, but it's just so pretty.

Blog Love
Hello October
There's something about Suzie's blog that I can't help but love. It's a mix of outfits, beauty and a little lifestyle. Not to mention her youtube videos are great too. Definitely one to check out!

Charissa Rae
I get major hair envy whenever I read Charissa's blog. Her outfit posts are wonderful too. In fact, I first discovered the smock dress above over there.

I'm off to Newquay tomorrow for 5 days. Here's hoping the weather is alright and I we don't get rained on.