Dahlia Dresses

Dress - Dahlia
Shoes - Dune

Ok so just the one dress. This beautiful Dahlia dress was an impulse buy. I saw it and immediately decided I had to have it. I definitely should have factored in how it makes me look about 7, but it's a little late now. I love the broderie and the jersey sleeves, plus it's so comfy. I just need to be careful when eating with it on, I've been so paranoid about spilling on it. 

I must say though, as much as I love my pretty smock dresses, summer dressing really isn't for me. I can't wait to start layering up again for autumn! I'm not sure this dress with look great with tights, but I'm thinking a leather jacket might go nicely with it. 

It's currently out of stock on the site, but you can pre-order it for now.