My Bedroom: Dressing Table

Many, many moons ago I bought a new dressing table and said that I'd do a post on it. Four months later and it's actually happening. Sadly, because I've left it for so long, the actual table I bought from ebay is no longer there. This one is similar though. I managed to put it up all by myself, which I was very proud of. Yes, it may have been ridiculously easy, but that is neither here nor there.

My mum picked up little wooden heart drawers from Sainsburys for me, and my lipsticks live in here. I DIYd some cheap glasses (diy here) and use these to store makeup brushes, mascaras and cotton buds.

The Edward Monkton cotton wool jar was another find from my mum, this time from TK Maxx. Before this I wasn't aware actual jars for cotton wool existed, clearly I was proved wrong.

My dressing table definitely isn't always this tidy but, on the rare occasion it is, I think it looks rather pretty.