Crochet Collars

Shirt - Dahlia
Skirt - River Island
Boots - Topshop

When I bought this Dahlia Jessica Blouse, my plan was to pair it with my pinafore playsuit. Sadly, the playsuit doesn't look that great, note to self: always try things on first, so I made other plans! Ive had this skirt for a couple of years now, but I just really love the length.

I kind of feel like I'm about to step into Little House on the Prairie/some kind of western themed ranch. I think it's the collar and the boots that does it. 

I spotted this shirt a while back when Dahlia posted a sneak peak on their instagram. A few weeks later and it was mine! Although you can't tell from these pictures (my awful photography skills) it has the most beautiful crochet collar, and I think it'll look good paired with anything.