How To: The Wonderfully Tacky Phone Case

Every now and then I'll suddenly get the urge to get creative and make something. This time, it was a DIY phone case covered in gems. Now usually, I get this urge, buy all the bits to do it, then lose interest once the time comes. This time however, I actually saw my DIY through.

 photo IMG_2522_zpsca1cc188.jpg
I can never decide whether these cases look horribly tacky or wonderfully tacky, but after spying one of the wonderful variety on Pinterest, I decided to give it a go myself.

This is pretty simple to do. I bought a few clear plastic phone cases from ebay (at around 99p each) and a mix bag of acrylic gems. I think a bag of around 45 cost me around £2 including shipping, and for my little trial I didn't really need anymore.

It's so simple that I don't even feel I can call this a tutorial, because creating a pattern then gluing is really nothing too complicated.

You will need:

  • Clear (or coloured of you prefer) phone cases
  • Acrylic Gems, mine are from here
  • Strong Craft Glue
  • About 15 minutes out of your day

Firstly I created the pattern I wanted onto the phone case without gluing anything down. I then took a picture of this to refer to, before gluing each gem down piece by piece.

Leave to dry, it really doesn't take long at all but I like to make sure I'm not going to knock any gems off.

There we. So simple it doesn't even need me explaining it (but I did anyway oops).

I was planning on covering the whole thing in gems, but decided to leave it there for now. No doubt in a few weeks I'll have caved and covered it all.

I took my case away with me for a few days and none of the gems fell off, so I think it's turned out pretty well. Anyone else going to try this?