I'm still here

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He who must not be named, Chilling in Diagon Alley, Finally time to sit down

I feel like I've been pretty absent from blogging lately. I blame it on a combination of this silly weather, me being busy at work, and my general laziness.

I spent most of my easter weekend working, and as a result, I've been so tired the past few days. I finally had a chance to sit down this afternoon with a cup of tea, and whilst my intentions were to blog, I soon ended up napping instead.

I had one day off over Easter, and I used this to visit family and the Harry Potter studio tour. A post on this will be coming shortly, as soon as I get my camera back.

I've really missed blogging, but I've also been in a weird mood lately that has led to me not really doing anything interesting and not being too fussed about my outfits. I hope this changes because I miss wearing pretty clothes.

So just a small post to say I'm still around! More posts to come soon.