How To: DIY Glitter Glasses

I've been getting all Pinterest (can that be used as an adjective?) the past few days, and I tried my hand at glittering up some glasses. I got my inspiration from this post after seeing loads of glittery champagne glasses floating around Pinterest.

Initially I tried it just using loose glitter and PVA glue. This didn't work out too well as the glitter didn't want to stick and the effect came out a little messy and not very smooth. 

After this attempt I ordered some glitter paint from amazon and decided to give that version a go. For some reason they sent the paints out separately and my gold glitter paint hasn't arrived. For now, I've tried it out with the pink 'kunzite' colour I ordered. 

It was pretty simple to do. So here's a quick run down of how I did it.

You'll need:
Some cheap glasses. I wanted to use mine to hold makeup brushes, pens etc, so I bough these for under £1 from Wilkinsons.

Some kind of sponge. I bought mine from amazon along with my paint. I'm sure any sponge will do though. 

All surface glitter paint. Mine is from Martha Stewart.

Apparently if you leave these to 'cure' for 21 days, they then become usable and safe to wash. Don't take my word for it though, I've not tried it yet.

Squeeze some paint out into a plastic container or just onto a sheet of paper.

Dip in your sponge and start to dab it onto the glass. 

You'll need to do a few coats. I left about 20 minutes to half an hour drying time between each, and did around 3 coats.

If you want a faded glitter effect, just paint more glitter onto the bottom and less and less as you work up.

Leave to dry and there you have a lovely glitter glass.

I want to try the champagne glasses next. 

If you fancy a much more detailed tutorial, visit my inspiration for this here