52 Lists - Week 15

This week turned out to be pretty tricky. I thought I had loads of quotes which I loved, but when it came down to thinking about them, my mind went blank.

The obvious ones from me came from A.A Milne. Winnie the Pooh knows how to speak to me apparently. After I took this photo I actually added a couple more (this time from Doctor Who, tenth Doctor to be precise).

I used to find 'inspirational quotes' a bit cheesy, but there certainly is truth in them, and some actually are 'inspirational'.

Just a short post today. I've had the urge to blog all week but I've felt so run down and tired I haven't got round to it. I've just woken up from the worst ever nap, after not having been able to keep my eyes open, and I now feel worse for it. Not entirely sure what's up.